Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bean Sprouts!

On Friday, we took one last look at our lima bean greenhouses before sending them home. While some are still taking a bit longer to grow, others have entered into the seedling stage with a tiny stem and leaves to boot! 

We took a closer look at many of our beans using our document camera, it was so cool to see them up close on the big projector screen! We talked about why some of the beans might not have grown as fast, and these were some of our thoughts:
  • they didn't have enough air or water
  • they had too much water
  • maybe some beans are older and some are younger
  • the way the paper towel was folded might have affected the amount of light getting to the bean
We hope many of the beans continue to grow at home! Beans with a lot of roots or a stem could be transplanted into a small cup with a hole for drainage and some soil that could be left on a sunny windowsill. Unfortunately, Ms. Riley's bean did indeed have too much water and instead of growing roots, it grew a bit of mold. Hopefully she has better  luck with the other plants in our classroom!! :) 

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