Saturday, February 17, 2018

Read Across America

Next week we will be celebrating Read Across America at SMS, and to help us celebrate we are going to have a theme for each day. Your child is welcome to participate in one, some, or all of our theme days:

Monday: Fox in Sox-crazy socks day. 
Tuesday: Cat in The Hat - wear your favorite hat! 
Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday- wear your wackiest outfit!
Thursday: Book Character Day- dress up as your favorite book character (you could even wear your soiree outfit again!) 
Friday: Curl Up & Read- come to school in your coziest clothes/PJs! 

We can't wait to celebrate! 

Measuring and Time

On Monday, the giraffes worked together in small groups to make some sweet snowmen and women for our classroom! 

Each of the snowpeople had to be made of three snowballs and have two arms, a carrot nose, a hat, and a scarf.

After creating our snowpeople, the giraffes took turns measuring the different parts of our snowpeople to the nearest inch

They are now on display on our classroom bulletin board!

The giraffes also spent a lot of "time" practicing telling/showing time on an analog clock. Our favorite telling time activity was definitely playing with our clock puzzles! 

Each piece displayed either a digital time or analog time, and the giraffes worked together with their partners to match the times together! 

We will continue to practice measuring and telling time over the next few weeks. Feel free to practice at home as well-- Click here for some fun online telling time games!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Global Kind Project Celebration!

On Thursday, we joined The Educator Collaborative for a LIVE celebration of the Global Kind Project! 

After getting to see pictures of classrooms all around the world and learning about all that they did to be kind over the last few weeks, we got a special shoutout from The Educator Collaborative founder Chris Lehmann and he shared an important message: 

"There are so many of us, including YOU, who can help to make things better—Lets celebrate all that we can do to to make the world a better place than it was yesterday"

We also got to hear from author Trudy Ludwig, who wrote The Invisible Boy along with many other great stories, and she too shared with us all that we are capable of by just being kind. If you'd like to watch the celebration, click here!

A few more giraffes got to sit in the hot seat this week, and the remaining giraffes will get a chance to do so next week! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had lots of fun celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday!

After solving some conversation heart puzzles in math and curling up with some books we loved, we got together with the elephants to celebrate our love of science!

We created some paper hearts and used vinegar (a liquid) and baking soda (a solid) to create some carbon dioxide gas! 

After putting baking soda on our hearts, we added food coloring to the vinegar to make it easier to see the reaction and dripped it on top of our hearts. After it fizzled out, it left some cool designs!

After our Safari Time, we headed back to our classroom to deliver our Valentines. Everyone agreed that this was their favorite part of the day!

Each of the giraffes thanked their friends and teachers for their sweet cards and gifts, and enjoyed reading their notes and eating some sweet treats before heading home. 

Thank you to everyone who fills our classroom with so much love and kindness! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Character Soiree

On Friday, we celebrated the end of our Characters Reading Unit with a Book Character Soiree! Each of the giraffes chose a book character to portray at our party, and over the last few weeks they worked on getting to know those characters and answering questions as their characters to prepare for our big day.

We had book characters from all sorts of stories, and everyone did an incredible job acting as their characters while they mixed and mingled!

All party guests got to enjoy some light refreshments, including sparkling apple cider in some fancy glasses :)

Cheers to good books! 

Some characters were even able to connect with characters from their stories and do some of their favorite activities together! Lilly was putting on her joke glasses, George and Harold were up to their silly antics making funny Captain Underpants Comics, the Rainbow Magic Fairies were fluttering around, Matilda and Miss Honey talked about their favorite books, and Toad even took a nap!! 

We also got to connect with characters from different stories, and everyone enjoyed getting to know all the characters in the room

Big Nate meets The Captain Underpants Crew!

Andrea has seen her share of interesting things at her "Weirder School" but she's never seen an invisible dog like Janie's before! 

Our Party Animals-- Evie the Owl, Lilly the Mouse, Toad, Big Bad Wolf, Scaredy Squirrel, Dog Man, and Humphrey the Hamster!

The giraffes did an INCREDIBLE job portraying their characters, asking questions, and drawing details from their stories, and the best part was they had so much fun in the process! Once the party was over, we were eager to get back to reading so we could continue to follow our characters on new adventures and get to know some new characters as well :)